September 11th

So much has happened.  As I sit here in my office finishing up a guest blog, I realized my blog is suffering the lack of attention, no blog should.  Life has a way of intruding on my quiet time and as I get older, it intrudes more and more.

Labor Day weekend was wonderful for us.  Nothing fancy, just family and friends.  With our daughter away at school, life is a bit quieter but not much.  Our sons brought home five college age friends and life was still chaotic.  Now, everyone is gone and I am sitting in a very messy house.  Life is good. Life is good now, but ten years ago this Sunday we remember the day that changed all of our lives, September 11th.   I think about the families that don’t have the simple pleasure of their kids or husbands coming home.

Did you realize that kids 16 and under may not remember September 11th?  They were babies and just might not remember that day.  How sad that “time” diminishes the intensity of those moments that shape a generation.  Anyone older than say nineteen remembers September 11th with clarity. Our kids remember because their teacher’s were smart enough to deftly handle the news unfolding that day to their young learners.  And, I got them out of school right away.  After the Pentagon, I was out the door and at their school.  We got food, money and gas.  I had no idea where the next plane would hit and I was going to be prepared if we needed to move.  We were in Atlanta at the time and I am sure some people thought I was crazy, but no one knew what was happening.  I was for sure not waiting.  If the terrorists were stopped, then I was no worse for wear.  And to be honest I am so glad I did what I did.  My kids were with me and I could explain what was going on as we learned it, not someone else, but me.  Thankfully my husband was in town.  He traveled for work back then so he could have been anywhere.  That night we prayed for everyone who was missing or lost a loved one.  It was so sad.

Life is so crazy right now.  There is so much rhetoric and so little confidence.  I never remember life being this complicated.  Of course I am older now.  Maybe I was too young to remember tough times, but I know even my father – in – law thinks the world has gone crazy and he is in his 80’s.

So why do I write such a sad mundane blog?  Christmas is coming.  I know we are still a few months out, but it is coming.  And this year more than ever we all need to stand up and act.  Like those amazing first responder’s who ran towards the twin towers and not away.   Like this crazy mom who got prepared to be ready. We must start now to choose joy and be kind to one another.  The most amazing gift we can give those who lost their life on September 11th is to stand up and choose joy.   To do the opposite of what the terrorists did, to bring happiness and kindness.  I ask that this year in the spirit of Christmas, give the “Gift of Giving”’ thru random acts of giving.  Make a little gift and wrap it up.  When you see someone in need, pass it on.  It may be a hat, a card, a smile.  This is not about money or gifts that cost a fortune; this is about the act of kindness.  The opposite of what the terrorists did on September 11th. This is about the act of giving, without any gift in return.  It is what I call “The Gift of Giving”.

My family is starting this after September 11th.  We think that day is perfect to begin preparing for the season of Christmas. Nothing fancy but when I have time, a card I shall make, or if I am at the store and see something silly and fun for a dollar then I shall get it.  I shall get it to pass along during the fall and holiday season.  It is my way of telling the evil in the world, you don’t win.  It is my way of telling all those politicians who use angry rhetoric, you are not me.  I believe we all can be kind and respectful to others.  Even when we disagree, it is ok. We were not made to be the same; we were only made to “love” one another, with kindness and respect.

For those families that lost their loved ones on September 11th, I am so sorry for your loss.  Please know that your loved ones shall never be forgotten.  Not by this woman, not by this family.  And when we give this Christmas Season, it will be to show the world terror cannot rule us.  It cannot change us.  No matter what happens, during this time and this holiday season we shall choose joy.

God Bless,


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