About Kelly Moss

Author Kelly Moss

Kelly Moss is a writer, entrepreneur, and most importantly wife and mother of three kids now 21, 20, and 18. The Santa Club book came to be after her first son asked the question, Is Santa Real. By way of her loving mother-in-law, Bertie, Kelly was given the story that you now see as The Santa Club Book. Through this book, Kelly desires to give other parents the solution to the old age problem of a child asking, Is Santa Real.  When not writing Kelly is CEO of JoeBro Records and a national speaker on the “Gift of Giving”, “How to be a stage parent your child can be proud of”, and “How to find an agent without getting taken.”  In 1996 she started the Connecticut Chasers, which won the Best New Program for the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress. She has two sons who are professional actors living and working in Los  Angeles, and an adoptive daughter from Kazakhstan. She splits her time between Henderson, Nevada and Los  Angeles, California.