The Beginning


The question of Santa, Is he real, is a very tough question for most parents. Do you tell your amazing son or daughter the “truth” or do you fudge a little to keep the tradition? My husband Joe and I had this dilemma, just like every parent out there. How do you explain Santa without disappointing the child you love??? On top of that, we didn’t want to take away from the real story of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. To make matters worse, we had a son who was very inquisitive. Jonathan, our oldest had already started questioning things no six year old should be asking. Joe and I knew it was a matter of time before he asked, Is Santa Real?

Thankfully, (TYG), my mother-in law was there when Jonathan asked the Santa question. We were at her house for Christmas and standing in her kitchen when my six year old blurted out, “Mom is Santa real.” Utter dread must have shown on my face. Holy Crap…not that Crap is anything holy, what do I do? I remember really being terrified. If I disappoint him, will he hate me? Does this mean he will never have joy in his life at Christmas, all because of me?? A little dramatic, I know, but I was scared. Whatever I say, he will believe. Whatever I tell him, he will defend just because I, his mommy, told him. At that moment my mother-in-law stepped in. It was God sent. She stepped in and even though you hate family members somewhat taking over, I was so relieved.

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