“Kelly Moss offers a charming book about how to inform children (of all ages) about the existence of Santa Claus. In this book, beautifully illustrated by Jim Keserich, Moss first prepares the reader (or listener) about this book’s purpose – to answer the question of ‘Is there a Santa Claus?’ She immediately engages the reader with a positive layering of credible myth and history of the origin of Christmas and of Santa Claus: there is a bit of biblical background about Jesus (birth, death, ascension to heaven to be with God) and a bit of the history of Saint Nicholas and why he gave gifts to the poor. Moss then universalizes the concept of gift giving, that anyone who has the art of gift giving is a Santa Claus. So without bursting any bubbles she delivers ideas that can be easily incorporated into children’s psyches. There is even a certificate at book’s end to fill in and post a picture of the new member of The Santa Club!

Kelly Moss writes from where she lives – as a mother and as a national speaker on the ‘ Gift of Giving': her activities include many selfless contributions to those with special needs. There is a radiance emanating from the photograph of Kelly Moss on the book’s back cover that transmits onto the pages of this little book. It is a ‘must buy’ for parents of children whose sense of wonder needs nurturing. Grady Harp, July 11″
—Grady Harp, Top 10 Amazon Reviewer (Los Angeles, CA)

“This is a wonderful little book, an easy and quick read, to answer the perplexing question about Santa Clause.

When our children are young, we enjoy the anticipation of Christmas through the light in their eyes, through the almost magical energy as they await Christmas day. Many of us try to balance just the right message of giving with our hearts and of honoring the birth of Christ with the spirit of love and giving. It is a beautiful time for all, a time of wonder, and peace, and love. Even the music shouts to the Heavens to spread peace, joy, and love everywhere.

And many of us dread the time when our child will ask that question: Is there a Santa Clause? Is Santa real? We agonize over what we will say and when we will say it. After all, WHAT IS THE TRUTH???

Author Kelly Moss answers these questions for us, in a very special way. This beautifully illustrated, full color, hardcover book is intended to be read with a parent or guardian (and the child). In a very special way, it touches on the relationship between Saint Nicholas, Jesus Christ, Christmas as Jesus’ birthday and “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). The book includes ethnically diverse illustrations and explains that there are “Santas” everywhere (parents, grandparents, and many others) who give gifts just because they love children and without expecting anything in return. It invites the child to keep this special secret and to become part of the Santa Club. There is even a certificate and place for your child’s name and photo in the book. You will find the glow of author Kelly Moss on the inside back cover, smiling back at you.

A wonderful book, ready to handle a very delicate subject for you.”
—Kathy W (Baltimore, MD, USA)

“Although the question of the existence of the jolly fat dude was famously answered in a 1897 New York newspaper, many parents today still have difficulty helping children adjust to that mind-boggling discovery that nobody actually lands reindeer on your roof, comes through key holes, eats cookies and milk and visits children all over the world on just one memorable night per year.

Although targeted to the 4-8 age group, I believe that four is way too young to be laying that level of revelation on a child, as I think I would have gone into complete shock or catatonia at that age. Beautifully presented and illustrated, the book stresses in a very unique way that children must consider themselves ready to handle the reality of Santa Claus before reading the book, and even so, that it should be done with guidance from a parent or guardian.

The book positively reinforces the concept of joyful giving, especially during the Christmas season, without expecting anything in return.”

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)
—Amanda Richards (Georgetown, Guyana)

“The ultimate spoiler alert – the purpose of this book is to provide an answer for the Santa question…if you do not want your children asking about the origin of Santa you should NOT leave this book laying around!

At some point every point will be faced with the Santa Clause question. Early on it may be easy to avoid or play off the question, but at some point you are going to be forced to lay-it-out straight. “The Santa Club” gives parents an option to present the truth to a young one in a very delicate manner. “The Santa Club” traces the tradition of the loving “Santa” heart from the birth of Jesus Christ, to the kindness of St. Nichols and his red suit, to the millions of people who keep the “Spirit” alive in well. Children learn that everyone has the ability emulate Jesus’ gift of giving and they too can become a member in the Santa club. Children are then congratulated on being both old and wise enough to learn and help protect this well-guarded “Santa” secret.

Final Verdict – “The Santa Club” provides a religious based answer to a question that will eventually be asked. I like the message, and I think it offers a gentle and encouraging message that will soothe their transition from a Santa believer to becoming an actual Santa!”
—Charles Evans (North Carolina)

“The Santa Club puts me in the spirit of giving in the month of July. This book poses the question is Santa Claus real and ponders the existence of Santa Claus. Moss provides answers to these two questions with this book. I truly believe that anyone could be a Santa after reading this book. I believe that everyone has the ability to give to other people.

The saying that it is better to give than receive comes from Acts 20:15 from the Bible. I did not know the source of this quote but it is a good thing to remember and practice every day of my life. This Bible verse sets the tone for the whole book. Kelly Moss communicates that Jesus Christ died for each of us. His gift of sacrifice is why people celebrate this holiday. I don’t know if every reader believes in Jesus Christ, but I found this to be moving. This book is delightful to look at. The illustrations by Jim Keserich make the book special. There are faces of people of different races and ages. I love the facial expressions of the people in this book. There is a picture of a man dressed in a chef’s uniform. There is another one. a black woman dressed like a fortune teller. These illustrations celebrate the diversity of people in the world. I enjoy looking at each one of them. The Santa Club is an excellent children’s book. It has a timeless message of importance of giving rather than receiving. The ilustrations are colorful and fun to look at.”
—Robert G Yokoyama (Mililani, Hawaii)

“If you are a parent who has a child or children who delight in Santa Claus, you will be grateful for the help this book can give when the questions start. In fact, the book is solely focused on how to answer the dreaded questions.

The answers are based on the Biblical verse of Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” The book also cautions any child looking into the book casually that they need the permission of a parent or guardian to continue reading. I really liked that the author puts emphasis on the fact that this beautiful book should be read the first time only with a parent or guardian and the secret information inside is never to be shared with another child unless permission is granted by an adult.

The book is designated for children from 4-8 years old and will be easily understood by the younger side of that scale with the help of an adult. The design of the book is absolutely wonderful, with bright, cheerful colors. The illustrations are by Jim Keserich and the picture on the cover is indicative of the style of drawings throughout. I found them charming. The story of God, Jesus, and St. Nicholas may already be familiar to your child. If so, this book will take that knowledge one step further to explaining Santa Claus. I also liked the idea of letting a child feel included in a secret club once they finish reading this book. Very clever idea to give the child a special gift in case there might be some resistance to giving up the very subject you are talking about. I like this entire concept and think it will be of great value to adults who must deal with this situation.”
—J. Lesley (Midsouth, US)

“At some point in their young lives, every child who believes in Santa Claus will start asking if Santa is real. “The Santa Club”, which is written for children but meant to be read by parents and their children together, will help answer that question. It will also let children realize the true meaning behind Christmas and the fact that Santa Claus exists in all of us and we can all be members of “The Santa Club”.

Parents who are struggling with how to answer the question of “Is there a Santa Claus?” or “Is Santa real?” will appreciate “The Santa Club”. The book does everything right from the start – explaining the true meaning of Christmas, discussing the birth of Jesus Christ, why we give presents, who Saint Nicholas was, and more. The book also tells kids not to tell another child about the book – therefore hoping they won’t spoil it for other children who still believe in Santa. The idea of a Santa Club is a nice one – it makes children not only feel like they are in on a secret but also a member of a club that is encouraged to be good to other people (I love the fact that there is a certificate for membership to “The Santa Club” included at the back of the book). I also like the fact that the book tells children to not read the book by themselves but to read the book with an adult – this is a subject that should be discussed together yet too often parents miss this opportunity, instead telling children they are old enough to know better. “The Santa Club” helps children hold on to the magic of Christmas while teaching them the true meaning of the day.”
—Drebbles (Arlington, MA USA)

“I consider this book a God-send. As my daughter approaches the age of questioning about Santa, I no longer dread the discussion about the reality of Santa. The Santa Club reframes that conversation into a blessing for parent and child. The truth becomes not a let-down but a privileged story and insight for children coming of age.

I love the way Kelly Moss has scripted this book to congratulate children, affirm their questioning and challenge them to join the ranks of the millions of Santa’s who participate in the generosity of Christmas. Not only does Moss craftily approach the truth about Santa, she sweetly relates Santa and Christmas to the real stories of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection and to the story of St. Nicholas, the first Santa.

The Santa Club will lead children to a new excitement about Christmas as they learn that the true story of Christmas far exceeds even the magic of believing in a literal Santa Claus. I almost look forward to the conversation that is in the near future with my children regarding Santa.

This is a book for which I am truly thankful. I heartily suggest that parents have it on hand for when the time comes. Parents of children already knowing the truth would find it useful to promote Jesus and giving at Christmas time, too.”
—C. Stephans

“If you have a young child, one day you will be faced with the question, “Is there a Santa Claus?” Are you prepared to answer that question? If you dread the thought of crafting a meaningful message that is truthful yet captures the spirit of Santa Claus and Christmas, then you will probably want a copy of this book.

As parents we all love the wonder and joy that we find in children at Christmas. Yet we know the day will come when our child will come to us trying to reconcile what they have been told by friends with the stories we have told them for years. They do not want to give up their belief in Santa. Yet, they are seeking some way to understand Santa and Christmas on a more adult level. They are seeking the truth.

This book is about how to answer the two question which all Christian children will eventually ask, “Is there a Santa Claus?” and “Is Santa Claus Real?” The book answers the question with a very positive yes. But it is not about make believe. There are millions of Santas – parents, relatives and at times complete strangers.

The book traces the history of the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. It also tells the story of St. Nicholas, who went around giving gifts to the poor. And tells how St. Nicholas was the “original Santa”.

The book is written as a story which will be easy for a young child to understand. It is elegantly illustrated and invites the young child to become a member of “The Santa Club”. At the back of the book is a place for the child to paste their picture as a member of “The Santa Club”.

The book advises the child to be responsible with the new and expanded knowledge of Santa. The story tells the child not to discuss the story with others who are not yet ready to understand the adult story.

I believe that most parents would do well to use the book at the appropriate time to answer their child’s questions about Santa. It is much easier than trying to wing it and more importantly it tells the story in a way that preserves the true spirit of Santa and Christmas.”

—John Chancellor, Mentor coach with (New Orleans)

“What a WONDERFUL book for children. When your child is old enough to ask the question, or to be told the story behind Santa Claus, this wonderful book will help you through, AND make this a very special and exciting moment for your child instead of a time of disappointment. By creating a club for those having asked the question, and by telling the original story of the birth of Jesus and of St. Nicholas, it transitions the child into the grown-up world. It helps to expand the story of giving instead of taking it away. It brings parent and child together into a new story, while closing the doors on the old one.

As a pastor, I am always looking for resources for families, and this one will take a prominent part in my library to answer those questions for kids and adults who talk to them.
If I could give this book TEN stars, I would. Many thanks to Cadence for supplying me with a copy of this book for my library!!! It will receive much use.”
—Bobbie, Amazon reviewer (US)

“This is a great approach to help parents when their child is ready to ‘transition’ to a different level of understanding. It is well worded and helps children feel special and part of a ‘giving club’ that has been around for many generations.

I think we sometimes fall short on remembering why we give gifts at Christmas, this book goes into the birth of Christ and the gift he was to us and explains why gifts were given in the first place. It continues to explain that the act of giving gifts is even better and being part of The Santa Club is a special place of honor.

It is written simply enough for the 4-8 year-old age range as in the recommendations by Amazon but only you as a parent or guardian can know when it is best to read to your child and when they are ready for this change in understanding. There is also a kind warning to children to keep this special knowledge to themselves unless another parent tells them it is okay to share.

The illustrations are top notch and will keep any child engaged. There is a certificate at the end to welcome the child as an official member of The Santa Club.

A very nice book and great parenting resource, especially when the words don’t come easily on your own.”
—K. Groh (Pennsylvania)