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Is Santa Real?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

One of the most “googled” questions this time of year is the question, is Santa is Real. Yes, Santa is Real. For those of you who got the book, The Santa Club, you know that answer is truthful. No, it may not be the Santa you see at the mall, that is a Santa helper, but Santa is a most amazing being who loves totally unconditional. Santa loves without getting anything in return. Santa loves kids and adults and every year finds a way to give toys, presents, and sometimes bigger gifts. And most importantly, Santa gives in secret. Giving is secret is one of the coolest things anyone can do and Santa does it every year. To give without even getting a thank you is the most selfless thing a person can do and if you celebrate Christmas, then you know that the celebration of Jesus is also about giving without desire for oneself. So Santa’s type of giving is a reflection on who’s birthday we celebrate. Santa doesn’t take away from Christmas, he actually, embraces the giving story of Christmas.

So, yes Santa is real and yes, you can be a Santa too by giving in secret and with love. When your child asks make sure you tell them the truth. Santa is real and that they can be a great Santa too.

Merry Christmas Everyone and have a wonderful, marvelous Happy New Year.


Irrational Giving

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

There is many times through the year where we can give to others. The most joyous time of the year is the holiday season. It can also be the most difficult time of the year for some. This year make it a wonderful time for other people by giving in secret. Anyone who has met my husband thinks he is the kindest man in the world, which he is. What they don’t know is my husband gives in ways that are simple, yet life changing. Joe is always smiling or a taking the time to say a kind word when someone is struggling. He always makes people feel better after they talk with him.

I call it irrational giving. Most people think irrational giving is something so big that it is hard to accomplish, but when you think about it, being kind and giving even when you don’t feel good, or when you may not prefer someone’s company, that is when giving is not so easy. Irrational giving is to always give, even when your emotions say don’t.

Irrational giving is also giving when giving doesn’t make sense. Giving to a co-worker who may not be the nicest person, or giving to a family member, when they never acknowledge you or support you. That is irrational giving at it’s best and for those, like my husband, they realize it is a wonderful blessing.

Giving in secret teaches irrational giving. When you give with no expectation of anything in return, you realize that giving is much more than what you choose to do as in who you are as a human. Every so often I remind my self that we can never “make” anyone do anything. We can however, make ourselves act the way we wish to be as a person. I wish to be kind and easy going. That doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated but what it does mean, is that I make decisions to overcome that frustration or emotion with an act of joy or kindness, regardless of the emotion.

Just like my husband makes a conscientious decision to be a giver.

Kids need examples and the Christmas season is the best time to show them irrational giving. How will you give this season, even when the chaos settles in? How will you overcome the desires of the season with the giving? How will you show your kids? The blessing of the season is it gives us opportunities to answer those questions in the best way possible for our families. So have fun this giving season and try Irrational giving, it is fun.

God Bless,



Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Today is January 4th, 2012.  Today is a great day.  This past year has been a whirlwind.  Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to visit me at the Christmas Shows or chose to buy the book.  Not to mention all the people that helped me this past Christmas season.  My life has changed considerably in terms of new experiences, but I would like to think, I have not changed in my focus.  How about you?

Every New Year should bring a new beginning.  Not just for losing weight, but a new beginning of a life that will be lived to the fullest this year and beyond.  So many of us get caught up in everyday life that we awake January 1st and go, “Where did the year go”?  When I stayed home, taking care of my kids, life seemed to be a never ending series of days.  Kids, school, sports, shows, cooking, cleaning, and all the other things that took my time rolled on in an endless wave.  Bed brought respite and the morning brought chaos.  I loved those years, but now I realize that I should have taken a little bit more time for me.  Not a huge spell of time, just a little.  I did my quiet time on most days, but I look back and realize that I needed more.  Laundry, dishes, the floors and other chores should have been put back in my list of things to do and my time should have been put higher.  Today if I could go back to that time period, I would have bought almost nothing in terms of toys, clothes and things. Having to take care of anything but the bare minimum was not a smart thing for me.  It took away from living and my goals and from the new beginnings I always strove for.

Now, I am wiser.  I have my writing and my goal of sharing this world by giving.  Every day is a beautiful day when you are living by giving.

So, today is a great day.  As Ecclesiastes 3:1 and The Byrd’s song Turn, Turn, Turn says, there is a time for everything.    Make your time to build and dream today and this year.  How do you do that?  Below are some small steps that I know work.  The first one requires a bit of time, but the others are very easy and require at the most 15 – 30 minutes of time.  Take the time, your chores and work shall always be there!


CLEAN OUT THE EXTRA POSSESIONS.  I know it is January and spring cleaning is a lifetime away but now is the best time to get rid of the clutter.  It is the perfect time to take two hours a day for one week, or two Saturdays, to share the extra stuff you have.  Whatever you accomplish in that time is perfect.  Some of you may have to put more time in but whichever time you spend, please be happy with what you accomplish.  This is not a race and pats on the back are important. Plus it is great to show your kids the importance of getting rid of stuff.   Kids love to give so get them involved in giving.  Have your kids keep the bare minimum and give the remaining things to a shelter, or the Salvation Army.  Make it fun with lots of music and GET RID OF THE POSSESSIONS THAT ARE POSSESSING YOU!

GET UP 15 MINUTES EARLY TO READ A DEVOTIONAL BOOK.  A great devotional book does not take long to read.  It is usually one page per day and you don’t have to get out of bed to read it!   I have a great one by Joel Osteen, but there are many others.  Our Daily Bread is another great one you can order online, or you may have something inspirational you love that you have never gotten around to reading.  Reading a devotional first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day and set your mind to the blessings that surround us all.  When the kids were little, I read a small devotional page when we were all together eating breakfast.  It was fast and fun and I never did anything but read it so they didn’t get lots of me “preaching” as moms can often do.

STRETCH YOUR BODY.  Every animal we have had stretches when they get up…you should too. Even today my two dogs do “downward dog” as soon as they stand.  If it is only a minute of stretching you deserve it.

DRINK A HUGE GLASS OF WATER.  Most of us would think that this is a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people don’t drink water in the morning.  Most people grab a coffee or tea.  Refresh your body….it needs it.

TAKE TIME DURING THE DAY TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE, WRITE, OR LEARN A SKILL.  AND EXCERSIZE.  This seems like a huge task.  But it is not as big a task as you think.  15 minutes a day is all you need to write, learn a language, or learn a new skill and the recommended goal of 30 is what you should have for exercise.  If you only get 15 minutes of exercise than woo hoo! 15 minutes is better than nothing.

These are things that build you up little by little.  So if you did these small things everyday…..what would your life look like on January 4, 2013?  What if you taught your kids this, what would their life look like at the end of one year?

Happy New Year Everyone and remember today is a great day.




Blessings and Giving

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


We have much to be thankful for here at the Moss household.  Everyone is healthy, we are all very busy, and The Santa Club Book reviews are wonderful (TYG).  With life being a struggle for so many, we know how blessed we are and thank God every day.

Joe and I grew up in middle class families were money was not always there and times were sometimes tough.  We know what it was like to not have certain things and even in our blessings, we choose to never forget.  That is why The Santa Club is so important.  It is all about, the gift of giving and a way to give back.

We believe that material things are not important, that giving is.  Every day we try to give in some way.  Not every gift has to be monetary, but if we have extra money, we give it back to those that need it.  Saying that where and who needs it more?  As I have gotten older, I realize it is not about the need someone has, there is always need.  It is about giving where you are led to give.  When you give where you feel led to give then you have a vested interest. Everyone has a different “calling” to give in different places for different needs.  In our house I love to support missionaries, orphans and families fighting cancer.  Joe has a special place in his heart for the homeless, Jonathan thinks the Make- A- Wish Foundation,,  is the coolest, Jameson loves to support the Tug McGraw Foundation, , and Alena wants to help everyone!  As a parent, that is the greatest gift you can give your child….letting them decide where they should give.  Just as we sometimes guide our children into things we love, we can also guide them into giving where we feel led to give.  A long time ago, we realized that our kids are individuals who have different desires and different callings on where they need to put their time, talents, and treasures.

So this Christmas our goal is to help families find an organization that fits their kids.  As we go on through the season we shall try and send information your way about organizations that are doing amazing work.  Most have stores to buy support products, some will need volunteers and even if your child just writes them a letter saying thanks for helping others, they will be able to give back.  In our family we give to many different charities and not all is giving through treasures.    We can give in many ways so this is not about money.  But as for our giving to each other, we do try to give with a purpose.  Since we are all t-shirt lovers, we give each other or family members t-shirts that help a charity.  The website,, is one of our favorite websites to find out about amazing charities and support them.  Every week they have a new charity that they sell t-shirts for.  Since t-shirts are cool and my kids love them, we support each charity by splurging on a t-shirt from Sevenly.

We also love hats.  Krochet Kids International,  is an amazing charity that teaches woman to crochet in Uganda and now Peru.  The wonderful hats they make are then sold thru Krochet Kids with the proceeds going back to the women.   These are great places for your kids to buy someone in the family a “Santa” gift while learning about giving back.  As the time goes on both on Facebook and on my blog we shall link more and more charities that need support. Our prayer is that your child, with your support, will start to think about which charity they feel led to help.

Also by November 1st we shall have merchandise on our website ready to sell.  It will be fun merchandise with our logo for families to share.  11% gross of every product will go to charities like Krochet kids and the ones you see on Sevenly.  Our goal is to take the blessings we have and pass them on while spreading the message of The Santa Club Book.  We know that there are amazing charities and instead of starting another one we hope to funnel any blessings we have right back to them.

The Story of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is all about giving.  God calls us all to do different things in our life so not all of us can be missionaries working in a charity. But we can all give back and what a wonderful time to do it during the Christmas Season. Thanks for checking out my blog and for checking out our site.  As we grow we pray we can be a blessing to you all as we have been blessed.  Merry Christmas Everyone and God Bless.



P.S.  Please see some amazing charities below.  If it says parents check first it means the charity may be easiest explained to older children.  If you have any charities you would like us to list please email me at


MERCY SHIPS- Provide surgeries and medical care to the people of Sierra Leone-

WORLD RELIEF- Provide peace building and protection from violence for the people of the Congo. (Parents check first) 

HOPE INTERNATIONAL- Provides opportunity for a family in Africa to escape poverty.

LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL- Provides clean water for families.

FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION- Provides a new, free wheelchair to someone in a developing country.

OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL- Provides Micro-Loans to poor families in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Book Expo In New York City

Friday, July 15th, 2011

In May I was in New York City for the Book Expo. I love New York. It is such an marvelous place. It is like no other city and when I am there I feel like I belong. But this trip was not for fun, it was for work and the Book Expo is the official beginning of getting the word out about The Santa Club Book.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, The Santa Club is more than just a book. It is a way of thinking. It is a gift given to me by my mother-in-law, an answer to a tough question that is truthful. It is a parenting resource, and a gift book that you can document your child’s growing years. With all that, when you get down to it, The Santa Club Book is all about The Gift of Giving.

We forget that giving is a simple thing. We spend lots of time and money on gifts, but our everyday life is an act of giving. We give to our families, we give to our kids, and hopefully we chose to give more than receive. If we are really into thinking like a Santa, then we give in everything we do, and that is when life truly begins…

So this year, we started getting the word out about this little book, The Santa Club. The Book Expo is the American Booksellers Association’s show for all of the booksellers, librarians, publisher’s distributors and so on to meet and see what is new. Our distributor, New Shelves Distribution, was kind enough to have The Santa Club Book exhibited in their booth. Along with that New Shelves set up two book signings so I could give away the books to get the word out.

If I didn’t say I was nervous, then I would be a liar. I know that the book is a great parenting resource so I believe people who need it will like it. But I was worried that no one would want a copy, as they had no idea what it was. Can you imagine sitting at the table and no one comes to get a copy? That scared me more than anything else. Me, sitting at the author’s table and not a soul, or maybe a brave few coming up to get a copy. As I got ready to go into the green room before my time, Coco and Ice T were outside filming their show. How funny. They were really excited for their book and fun to see. I think Ice T was signing before me. I am pretty sure I said a prayer right then that all the people seeing them would stay, just a little bit longer, ha-ha.

Four o’clock came and all of the author’s for the last time slot of the day made their way out to the tables. I was on the end, closest to the green room. No one was on my right side. OHHHH, that was not good. What I mean is if someone was on my right then for sure the people in that line might go to mine for the heck of it, right? Well, no one was there so….

The first person to come into my line was an angel, really an angel. She had black pretty hair and a great smile. I was so thankful that one person came in line I was talking to her before she came up. “Thank you for coming in line”, I said with a huge smile. She said something really special. She told me in not so exact words, “Oh don’t worry, you will have lots of people”. Lot of people, really? You know what, she was right. I never stopped signing until after my stop time of five o’clock! When it was all said and done, I had signed 100 books and was the last author to stop! It was amazing.

Now I would like to think it is my charming charisma that brought everyone in, but what I had always thought but now knew, it was that The Santa Club book fills a great need. Just as all those years before when I was in need, so many parents need help in answering this age old question, Is Santa Real. I am just blessed to be the person who wrote the book, in the middle of the night so long ago! It was divine Intervention….TYG.

It was truly a gift signing books at the Book Expo. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO GET A BOOK. I can’t thank you enough. You gave me a great gift by coming to say hello. In the end I think I signed between 150-175 books. I met booksellers from all over the world, authors, distributors, and the wonderful librarians from schools and cities alike. I even met Hercules! Kevin Sorbo, the actor from the TV show Hercules, was kind enough to stop by. What a really nice guy. His book, True Strength, will be out in October 2011. Ironically he knows a gentleman my family knows, Governor Bob Miller. Governor Miller was the longest serving Governor for the state of Nevada and a wonderful man. Not only do they know each other, but Governor Miller also has a book coming out in 2012. Writer’s all around….I love it.

After the Book Expo we went to visit family and friends in Lake Placid, NY, Holyoke, MA and back to New York to visit some dear friends whose daughter is fighting Lymphoma. Kate is also in the book industry and just graduated from college a couple of years ago. Please say a prayer for her and her family. You can pray for Kate C. Out of everything Joe and I did in New York and the surrounding areas, seeing Kate’s mom and dad was the most important. We have been friends since our kids were young playing ball in Alpharetta, GA. Your prayers for them will be greatly appreciated.

That was the month of May…June, well that was a very busy time too. I was in Atlanta and Los Angeles and to be honest just working on my businesses is crazy busy. July…well that is another milestone for The Santa Club. Our first reviews started coming in and what a blessing. First to all of the reviewers, thank you for taking the time to review all the books you review. As an author, I relish honest reviews. I don’t let them dictate my stories but I love feedback. Writing is so lonely in terms of you only have yourself to guide you as you formulate and begin writing your story. Reviews good or bad, are special in that someone took the time to write them. Someone thought enough of the book to put what they believe down for all the world to see. It takes commitment, time, and a presence of thought about more than just the story itself. Thank you to the reviewer’s who took the time. I appreciate that so very much. Of course, I am human, so good reviews are wonderful and you can check out all the reviews at and Barnes &

So, the rest of July we are in San Diego for Comic-Con and LA, as well as Henderson. Someday you shall see The Santa Club comic book, that is a promise. I loved comic-books when I was young and there has never been a moment that I didn’t think The Santa Club will be in that format. Stories of kids sharing the gift of giving and fighting evil…perfect for what The Santa Club is all about.

If you are in San Diego and see me, please say hello. I shall have a few books to give away as well as hats and pins. I shall be up at my friend’s booth( on and off on Thursday), Mindy Sterling, helping her so if you see me there, I promise to pass on the things I have and say hello.

Until the next moment I have to blog, have a wonderful summer. Christmas is just around the corner and I promise that Christmas around here, will be very fun.


When My Mom Had Cancer…

Monday, May 16th, 2011


This weekend we were blessed to spend time with some amazing people.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Los Angeles had their 2011 Grand Finale Celebration for the Man & Woman of the Year Contest.  Ten weeks of competition, all geared toward raising money for the LLS.  It is a fun event overshadowed by the need to get money to support those with blood cancers.

If you have read this blog or my book, you know that cancer has been a huge part of my life.  My baby brother, Kevin, passed on after a four year battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma.  I have spent quite a bit of time in Memorial-Sloan Kettering’s pediatric center.  I know the chaos of cancer, and the remarkable stories of hope.

My girlfriend, Mindy Sterling, aka Frau in Austin Powers and soon to be seen on Ant Farm, took up the challenge of the Man & Woman of the Year contest for the LA Chapter.  A ten week, raise money any way you can contest all focused on supporting the many programs and research for the LLS.  Mindy needed a campaign committee and I was blessed to be asked to be on her committee. (Thanks Mindy)  Needless to say with my busy schedule, I have no idea if I participated enough.  I just know that through her inspiration, I did my best with the limited time I have praying along the way!  Any money going to any cancer funding, I am in.  Saturday night was the celebration of everyone’s hard work and the night they announced the winner.

Eleven Candidates, all with friends and family in tow began this odyssey by meeting at The Pacific Dining Car, a great restaurant in Santa Monica.  One of the candidates is Wes Idol III from The Pacific Dining Car.  What a nice guy.  He got involved because his girlfriend’s son, Logan Nobriga was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of four.  Not only was Logan there but so was a cutie named Celeste Garcia.  Celeste was also diagnosed with Leukemia at four.  These are the families that the LLS help.  That night at the kickoff reception, you couldn’t help but get excited.

Ten weeks later we are at the Ritz-Carlton celebrating the fundraising that these amazing candidates had done.  Eleven candidates raised more than 200,000, and my friend Mindy was crowned Woman of The Year.  I have tears thinking about it.  Mindy, whose son Max didn’t think she could win, did it.  She had raised more than 50,000 and was able to name a research grant after her parents.  Kyle Garlett was named Man of The Year and to be honest his story is amazing.  A four time cancer survivor and Heart transplant recipient, Kyle is the only heart transplant recipient to ever compete in the Ironman World Championship.

We laughed, we celebrated, and we heard amazing stories of triumph and loss.  Tim Hooten, Co-Chairperson of the event, talked about the drug that keeps his leukemia at bay.   This drug was developed because of research.  Thanks Tim for sharing. Then, the Man & Woman of The Year results were announced and my friend, crying, thanked everyone for their support.  She was a bit stunned, I think.  The participants didn’t know if they had won until that very moment.  Her son Max was with her and wanted to say something.  Mindy had breast cancer when max was very young.  He said, “My mom had cancer when I was small and I don’t remember much. But, I knew she was sick and I would kiss her bald head to make her hair grow. “

When the presentation was finished a mom came up to Mindy and told her the story of her son, let’s call him J, who was diagnosed in February.  He is just four.  As my family was dancing, which they do whether things are good, bad, or indifferent, I watched her and her husband off to the side.  She had a look of exhaustion and of sadness.  I watched them for a long time. They were not dancing.

Until we are all dancing, I am in.  I am in to support anyone who fights cancer.  Anyone like my friend Mindy, and the amazing candidates from Los Angeles, Paul Bost, Lori Caden, Ryan Daly a AML survivor, Dan Fein, Kyle Garlett, Jennifer Giannini, Alfred Hopton, Wes Idol III, Ali Shiry, and Christina Texeira.   Count me and my family in like Breeana Garrett and everyone at LLS.  Like our friends at Roundtable Partners who are involved with another great organization, The MMRF, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  Just count the Moss family in, we may still be dancing as we work, but I promise we are….in.


To Learn More about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and this years candidates please go to;


Courtesy of


Grandma Bertie

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Grandma Bertie died today.  Bertie is the woman who blessed me with the story that is now The Santa Club.

About fifteen years ago when our oldest Jonathan was 6, Bertie asked if she could answer the question Jonathan had just asked.  “Mom, is Santa Real”, Jonathan asked in Bertie’s kitchen while her and I were putting out cookies.  Bertie must have seen my distress and offered to answer.  Thank you God, I thought.  “Please go ahead Mom”, I answered with a huge sigh of relief.

“Are you sure you want to know Jonathan”, she asked very seriously.  With total expectancy of truth, Jonathan answered very clearly, “YES”.   “OK then, Yes Jonathan Santa is real and now …..”   She answered the question with total honesty and changed our lives forever.

Years later, I asked her if she had remembered that day.  She actually said no.  She said the one thing she remembered was that Jonathan was really young and asked very early.  She didn’t remember because she really had no idea how much she affected those around her.  How much she truly touched people’s lives.

She was and always will be affectionately mom.  She raised five boys and one girl, loving unconditionally and yet with great strength.  She then in turn loved five daughter-in-laws as her own, welcoming each one of us with a huge hug and kiss. Along with the eleven of us there are fifteen grandchildren (including two spouses of grandchildren) and four great grandchildren not to mention all the friends and family she loved as well.  A big group to say the least and with her at the helm all held together with love.  As you married folks know we marry our spouse’s family.  I could not have married into a better family.  I have always felt that I was as much a part of their lives as they are a part of mine and I believe that Bertie and Ralph are the ones to thank for that.  Because of their open love and acceptance, everyone did the same.

As heartbroken as I am, I am truly honored to know that she loved me and that she thought I was a good wife for her son.  I am honored that through The Santa Club the story of her love will never be forgotten.  Ironically, Bertie passed on the day that our publisher signed contracts with our national distributor, New Shelves/The Cadence Group.  The story that she started so long ago will now be available for every parent that needs help answering the age old question, Is Santa Real.

As the cycle of life goes on and we get older, loss becomes cumulative.  More and more of our loved ones pass and it is harder for us.  Maybe that is why children are so carefree, loss is not as much.  Bertie’s loss will be felt by many.  I know that Dad, and all of us will feel her absence in a keen way.  I also know that we shall continue to feel her love and the gifts she gave us in a very keen way too.  I will forever be thankful for her stories, her cheering at the kids games and for her guidance when it was needed whether I knew it or not.  She lived life fully, and with gusto.  She loved greatly and with such fun.  You can ask anyone who knew her and they will have a story.  She did not have a fancy wardrobe, or a fancy car.  She didn’t have a title or a house you could envy.  What Bertie had was so much more special, it was timeless.  She had the gift of giving ingrained in her daily life; it was ingrained in her blood.  Every book that we sell will have a part of her in it.  Every child that gets the answer they seek will have  a bit of Bertie to help them learn to give.

Today January 20th we lost our dear Bertha Maria Moss, affectionately known as Bertie.  Have fun in Heaven mom.  We know you are there laughing and smiling.  Thank you.  Thank you for your love and you many gifts of giving.  XXOOO

February 4, 1927 - January 20, 2011

Bertha Maria Moss

The Biggest Parenting ___: Santa Club ( Taken from Catherine Crawford)

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Recently, I set up Google Alerts so I can keep up with anyone talking about The Santa Club.  I am not sure how I got this Google alert but a  blogger named Catherine Crawford wrote a great blog at about Santa and how it can be the Biggest Parenting Lie.  I wanted to email her and send her a book, but couldn’t get her email.  So Catherine this blog is for you….

Her blog is about the problem parents are faced with when they have really smart kids and have friends or family who do not celebrate Christmas.  I hear you Catherine.  That was why The Santa Club came to be.  Jonathan, our oldest, is extremely smart.  Totally out there on some things. ( He called me the other day and told me of how amazing it was to hold someone’s brain in his hands!  He is 21 and decided to take Anatomy for fun…fun!) When Jonathan was a little boy, it was no different.  At six years old he asked the Santa Question.  The Average age is eight.  But low and behold Jonathan wanted to know before I was truly ready to answer.

By the next year Jameson had asked and both the boys knew who their Santa was.  It was also the year that the kids learned about the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah.  We have great friends who are Jewish and we were invited to their house during  Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.  What an amazing wonderful time for our kids.  Jonathan was asking a ton of questions and as we  celebrated  the miracle of the oil and the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple.  I realized that night the melding of the two distinct holidays is a blessing.

You see, as a Christian, I love reading the bible.  It has great tales of history and the first five books are as important to me as the rest of The Bible books.  That year we got to explain the difference about the Jewish Religion and the Christian Religion.  Jonathan, ever the inquisitive child, got the difference.  When we later talked about Jewish Law during Jesus’ time he understood.  To this day my entire family loves the Jewish traditions and truly believes that the Jews are God’s chosen people.  Not to mention some of my oldest and dearest friends are Jewish.

The truth of Santa explains much more than the idea of getting gifts.  It explains the Gift of Giving and why the tradition began. Which in truth began because of a Jew named Jesus.  When you answer Is Santa Real, truthfully,  then the ability to share the stories of the Jewish religion and the Christian religion is made simple.  The melding of the two Religions only enforces the belief that there is something bigger than what we see here on earth.

It really is OK  if my Jewish friends don’t worship Jesus.  And I know with them, it is ok if I do.  When did it become that if I even talk about Jesus to someone who doesn’t believe it is offensive?  Why can’t Christmas be what it has always been, the celebration of the story of Jesus Christs’ birth?  To love what Jesus stood for and to love the story is not a bad thing, even if you may not be a Christian.

Catherine, I am sorry I had to write the comment on the end of your blog.  I would have loved to have contacted you directly so it doesn’t sound like a marketing pitch when I talk about my book.  But, this book really is the way to explain Santa.  It is true, and it is amazing and it is not a lie.  Santa is real.  He may not always be fat, or always be a man…but Santa is real and the true story of Giving is real too. The Gift of Giving is what it is all about and what parent doesn’t want to explain that.

Merry Christmas everyone and for my Jewish friends Happy Chanukah,


The Moment Your Child Asks, Is Santa Real?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Last night I saw an amazing post on Facebook.  This wonderful family, who bought the book, posted that they had a family moment when all four of the members read the book together.  With two school age children, I am sure the question of Is Santa Real came up and out came the book.

I have to tell you, the post said that it was a wonderful moment. (Thanks Nancy)  That is what the book is all about.  It is about that moment with your child.  When they want an answer about Santa and you not only answer them truthfully, but you take them from Christmas being the time you receive gifts to the time that you give The Gift of Giving. They become part of something bigger.   Those moments are truly the time we need to cherish.  Kids grow so fast and those moments we sit together are very special indeed.

As this book starts to spread we hope that you will share your Santa stories.  It keeps us grounded on what this little book can do, and focused on what we need to accomplish to help other families. We really believe that this is a gift, The Santa Club Book.  A gift to us in that we can share it with the world and a gift from above in that we are blessed with being the caretaker.

Thanks again Nancy for sharing.  We are blessed and thankful you took the time.

Have an amazing Santa Club Day,


Adoption and The Holidays

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Whenever a new The Santa Club Book is sold, a portion of the book goes to charity.  Since we truly believe in “The Gift of Giving” we give at least 10% of the money we earn to charities that have a special heart for orphans or kids.  Sometimes you may see another charity that is for adults or other things listed due to need but the majority of our gifts go right back to organizations that are doing amazing work, mostly with orphans and exceptional children.

 Saying that, we do  have a very special place in our heart for orphans.  You can see why at the blog;

In 2006 our family started the important goal of helping at least one child.  We are very open about our adoption and our daughter is very comfortable with this.   We wish other families to know how amazing it is when you bring a teen into your family.  Alena is a wonderful daughter and we are very proud of her. Our story has been an amazing adventure that we can say with clarity God has had a hand in.  Many families will tell you that.  Adoption is a part of something bigger and truly is an adventure. TYG 

Unfortunately, not all kids can be adopted.  In Kazakhstan we would have loved to have adopted more kids.  Unfortunately, just as the US, there are many kids who are not eligible for adoption. Some kids live in orphanages, children’s homes or foster care.  Our goal here at The Santa Club is to pass our blessings on to amazing charities that help these kids.

Charities like The Global Orphan Project, and Angels of East Africa. (See links below)  There are many other charities that need help that we are just contacting.  Please feel free to send us other worthy charities that need help.  As we are blessed with the books being sold, we shall pass on those blessings. Many of the amazing charities you can find on our link page.( One of the best is Jericho, the Bureau for Exceptional Children and Adults in MA.-see the link page)

The holidays are a time for family and love.  May we remember the kids who are alone.  May we always be a shining light for them, so that they know they are loved, even from those so far and near. Thanks for visiting The Santa Club.

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The Global Orphan project