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The Moment Your Child Asks, Is Santa Real?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Last night I saw an amazing post on Facebook.  This wonderful family, who bought the book, posted that they had a family moment when all four of the members read the book together.  With two school age children, I am sure the question of Is Santa Real came up and out came the book.

I have to tell you, the post said that it was a wonderful moment. (Thanks Nancy)  That is what the book is all about.  It is about that moment with your child.  When they want an answer about Santa and you not only answer them truthfully, but you take them from Christmas being the time you receive gifts to the time that you give The Gift of Giving. They become part of something bigger.   Those moments are truly the time we need to cherish.  Kids grow so fast and those moments we sit together are very special indeed.

As this book starts to spread we hope that you will share your Santa stories.  It keeps us grounded on what this little book can do, and focused on what we need to accomplish to help other families. We really believe that this is a gift, The Santa Club Book.  A gift to us in that we can share it with the world and a gift from above in that we are blessed with being the caretaker.

Thanks again Nancy for sharing.  We are blessed and thankful you took the time.

Have an amazing Santa Club Day,


Adoption and The Holidays

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Whenever a new The Santa Club Book is sold, a portion of the book goes to charity.  Since we truly believe in “The Gift of Giving” we give at least 10% of the money we earn to charities that have a special heart for orphans or kids.  Sometimes you may see another charity that is for adults or other things listed due to need but the majority of our gifts go right back to organizations that are doing amazing work, mostly with orphans and exceptional children.

 Saying that, we do  have a very special place in our heart for orphans.  You can see why at the blog;

In 2006 our family started the important goal of helping at least one child.  We are very open about our adoption and our daughter is very comfortable with this.   We wish other families to know how amazing it is when you bring a teen into your family.  Alena is a wonderful daughter and we are very proud of her. Our story has been an amazing adventure that we can say with clarity God has had a hand in.  Many families will tell you that.  Adoption is a part of something bigger and truly is an adventure. TYG 

Unfortunately, not all kids can be adopted.  In Kazakhstan we would have loved to have adopted more kids.  Unfortunately, just as the US, there are many kids who are not eligible for adoption. Some kids live in orphanages, children’s homes or foster care.  Our goal here at The Santa Club is to pass our blessings on to amazing charities that help these kids.

Charities like The Global Orphan Project, and Angels of East Africa. (See links below)  There are many other charities that need help that we are just contacting.  Please feel free to send us other worthy charities that need help.  As we are blessed with the books being sold, we shall pass on those blessings. Many of the amazing charities you can find on our link page.( One of the best is Jericho, the Bureau for Exceptional Children and Adults in MA.-see the link page)

The holidays are a time for family and love.  May we remember the kids who are alone.  May we always be a shining light for them, so that they know they are loved, even from those so far and near. Thanks for visiting The Santa Club.

God Bless,


The Global Orphan project

Storytelling this Holiday Season

Friday, November 5th, 2010

I love storytelling.  Really love it.  I used to think that storytelling was a frivolous thing.  A way to pass the time, pure entertainment.  Like a jester in the medieval faire.   He would always recite stories but be the fool doing so.

Now, I think differently.  I realize that storytelling is really the communication of our lives.  I hear and tell stories every day.  My daughter tells me what school is like, a story.  My guys tell me about their classes and auditions, a story, and my husband tells me about his work, a story. I hear stories about my parent’s lives, and my beautiful nieces.  Our everyday life is made up of stories both good and bad.

My dad just called.  He is in Lake Placid, New York, watching our amazing nieces in their school play. It was a great story.  He told about how our oldest niece really shines when she is performing and the younger one was the best dog on stage! He also said that it is hard to be there in Lake Placid.  That everywhere he goes he thinks of my youngest brother Kevin, who passed. (See my past blog The Gift of Giving Can Be Given in Many Ways)  Lake Placid is a beautiful little town and nothing is far.  He told me how hard it is to drive by Kevin’s school where he taught, and the hockey rink, where he coached.  They were all places in Kevin’s story.  Even as short as Kevin’s story was it is so very important to us and others. Even though I miss Kevin terribly, I feel blessed to be a part of his short story here on earth. I know that I am much more blessed to have his short story intertwine with mine then not at all.  Kevin’s short story truly is a gift.

As I look back I think I have always thought of “stories” as made up.  But now I know that our everyday life is a story.  What we do, who we love, those actions are all part of our life stories.  I am sure you even have stories about doing laundry, cooking, cleaning if you think about it.  Going to work and doing chores are stories too.  Ones we want to make less of  in our overall story, but stories none the less.  Life becomes somewhat magical when you think about it that way, doesn’t it?  When I think I am making the bed, ok boring.  But when I think, I am making the bed as part of the story, it feels better.  It makes the chore so much more of a pause in bigger things to come.

This Christmas season is a time to make lots of new stories for you and your family.  When your child asks, Is Santa Real, think about how blessed you are to answer that question with the true story of Santa Claus.  I wish I could write what the book The Santa Club says.  (There is a fine line with answering the question, Is Santa Real, on the internet and smart children who are looking on the internet.)  I really believe that a parent or a special person in the child’s life should answer the question. For those of you who have asked, that is why the book must be read with a parent, grandparent or guardian.  Stories that we have together bond us. The moment when your child asks Is Santa Real, is a story in the making.

Part of talking about my book, is telling about that moment when my oldest Jonathan asked, Is Santa Real.  It is a great story. Now we have stories to tell from that point on with him, Jameson, and our daughter Alena just because of that moment.  Enjoy this Christmas Season; make great stories with your family, friends and new friends you meet.  Even the short stories, like Kevin’s are amazing and should be cherished.  Remember, you are very much a part of the story of life and this holiday season is great stories in the making.  Have a great Santa Club Day.